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We serve as a platform through which alumni, faculty, students, parents, and greater Dartmouth community members can voice their concerns, hold the administration and trustees accountable, keep informed, and act directly to stop sexual violence on campus.

We also seek to address the four-year boom-and-bust cycle of student activism by enabling departing advocates to stay involved and continue their work and by recording and sharing institutional knowledge.

Our method is to applaud and support where merited, to criticize and advocate for change where justified, and to bring help and resources where needed.

We want to amplify the features that make Dartmouth exemplary, beloved, and unique, and to use those characteristics – the Dartmouth community’s undying sense of camaraderie, and its intelligence, honesty, and spirit – to end sexual violence by creating a culture of respect, responsibility, and consequences for behaviors and actions.

Our vision is a Dartmouth College where every student is free from sexual violence and the threat of sexual violence on campus.

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