Dr. David Lisak
David Lisak, PhD, is an American clinical psychologist who teaches at the University of Massachusetts Boston. His research and applied forensic work on non-stranger rapists has helped guide rape prevention and response policies in major institutions, including the U.S. Armed Services and numerous colleges and universities. He is a founding board member of 1in6, a national non-profit devoted to helping men who were sexually abused as children.

Jackson Katz
Jackson Katz is an American educator, filmmaker, and author. He is a creator of a gender violence prevention and education program called Mentors in Violence Prevention, which is used by the U.S. military and various sporting organizations, among other institutions.

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (NHCADSV)
NHCADSV provides statewide advocacy and information for victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence and supports direct services work done by 14 member agencies located in communities throughout the state (including WISE).

WISE is a non-profit organization which has been serving the needs of the Upper Valley for over forty years.  WISE provides advocacy, crisis services, and community education to those affected by domestic and sexual violence and stalking throughout the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont.