Share Your Story

Many of us were sexually assaulted at Dartmouth.

Many of us have also witnessed acts of courage and seen friends or acquaintances intervene in bad situations or done so ourselves.

We would like to give space to those who have been hurt by sexual violence at Dartmouth, either directly or indirectly, as well as to those who have shown respect, responsibility and courage in stepping up to stop sexual violence. Contact us with your story at share[@]dartmouthchange[dot]org. We will work with you directly and confidentially and will ensure that we have your complete sign-off and approval before publishing anything you might write.

Note that you will consistently communicate with only one person throughout the publication process, unless you agree otherwise. We can communicate anonymously at your request. We support anonymous publication, or you may use a pseudonym or your full name. Also, we will not publish stories that include the names or any reasonably identifying information of any participants in that story (for example, perpetrators of assault or bystanders) without their written agreement.

We are Dartmouth. These are our stories.